The AAA teak that we use comes from Indonesia.


Today, the Indonesian teak plantation forests are managed by the Ministry of forestry PERUM PERHUTANI as is the protection, exploitation and marketing of teak. These regulations are perfectly balanced for an abundant regeneration of exceptional quality teak. This organization is our exclusive teak wood supplier.


You would have to wait 30 to 50 years, according to the needs, in order to buy a tree intended for the manufacturing of one of our furniture pieces.


Each piece of Avency furniture made by cabinetmakers and professional craftsmen is worked with the utmost respect for the environment and ecology.


Avency is proud to offer a superior product in harmony with sound environmental values.


This is why we are going further in order to meet our requirements concerning environmental impacts by retrieving wood from old bridges, old boats, railroad tracks and even old buildings. Recycled in this manner, the teak remains a natural material which tells a story through its unique and lively character.